Airfree Platinum 2000 Air Purifier

Airfree Platinum 2000 Air Purifier

Buy the Best Filterless Air Purifier for Allergies from Acevacuums.comAirfree Platinum 2000 Air Purifier's exclusive technology is completely silent and does not require any filters or maintenance. Just plug it in and let it do the job. Airfree’s awarded design perfectly fits your home decor.


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Airfree P2000 Filterless air purifier is maintenance free and totally silent featuring the patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology gradually destroys mold, allergens, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollens, pet dander, tobacco, ozone and other organic pollutants. It is perfect for mold contaminated areas as well as asthma and allergy sufferers.

Airfree P2000 air purifier is the best maintenance free and silent air purifier for small to medium sized areas. Top air purifier for germs and mold when noise and space can be a concern. Eliminates dust mites, bacteria, fungi, virus, pollen, allergens of domestic animals and other microorganisms from the air.

Coverage: 550 sqft. 2 YEAR Limited Warranty.  Airfree 2000, P2000, comes in the color platinum.

Available in over 50 countries, and rated among the best air purifiers in the United States, Airfree products reduce microbiological contamination in the air naturally, without using chemicals or filters. Recommended by doctors and with no contraindications, they can be used anywhere.

The Airfree P2000's exclusive patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS) technology has been independently tested in "real life" working environments by world renowned institutions and IS-17025 laboratories in six different countries including the USA, Sweden, and Germany. These tests prove that the Airfree P2000 Air Sterilizer totally destroys up to 99.99% of microorganisms that pass through its patented TSS system no matter how small or hazardous they might be. 

Airfree P2000 Key Advantages

- Highly Effective
- Exclusive patented technology
- No maintenance
- Completely silent
- Low energy consumption
- Small and portable
- Clean, environmentally-friendly technology
- No ozone or ion emissions
- Award-winning design

Airfree P2000 Air Purifier, the new and clean technology to help reduce indoor air pollution...

Inside the P2000's patented ceramic core, 99.99% of all microorganisms: spores, fungus, bacteria, virus, mold spores, are incinerated at temperatures around 400F (250C). That is done without significant heat contribution to the unit. No living microorganism survives this power.

Airfree Air Purifiers & Sterilizers reduce Ozone. Whereas, ozone generators generate dangerous levels of ozone which in turn destroys lung tissue, triggers respiratory diseases, and corrodes metallic equipment. The Airfree P2000 uses just heat. No additional V.O.C.'s are generated


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