Dyson DC07 Hose Assembly


Genuine Dyson DC07 replacement vacuum hose stretches six time its original length and fits over the wand. The replacement vacuum hose is steel in color and fits all DC07 model vacuums. The hose includes the original cuffs on each end making a complete and original hose assembly, known under current Dyson part number904125-51. No tools or other parts are required for replacement, simply push releases on the handle to release the wand. Now pull the hose down towards the end of the wand and press the small catches on each side of the hose cuff, pulling the cuff off of the wand. Now follow the hose to the base of the vacuum, pulling the hose away from the vacuum. Here you will find another cuff with a latch at the base of the vacuum.Just pull back the latch and release the hose from the vacuum


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