Coway AP-0512NH Air + Sound Air Purifier

Coway-AP-0512NH- Air-Purifier

The Coway AP-0512NH  Air Purifier with Sound Therapy cleans your air and soothes your mind for a better night’s sleep. It features true HEPA filtration, plus a carbon filter to silently remove dust, allergens, smoke, pet dander, pollen and odors from the air. Turn on the soothing sound therapy for calming nature sounds, gentle lullabies or white noise to relax your mind. Recommended for rooms up to 155 sq. ft., it features volume control and separate timers for filtration and sounds. Choose from 3 natural sound modes (rain, ocean, or crickets), 2 lullaby modes (music by composers Schubert or Brahms, or a regular heartbeat sound), and a white noise mode to meet your downtime preference


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