Allerair 6000 DS, DXS (Airmedic Pro 6) Smoke Air Purifier, 1800 sq ft


Buy Allerair from and get 15% off today. Designed for those of you who need to remove heavy concentrations of chemicals and odors. This unit features a large deep-bed activated carbon filter, a Super HEPA filter for particles and an easy-clean pre-filter. 


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The AirMedic Pro 6 DS & DXS is designed specifically for heavier smoking situations and a littler larger areas. I effectively removes smoke and the associated harmful bi-products like tar from the air. It is one of our most popular for commercial smoke & cigar shops with odor removal and it’s special tar-trapping pre-filter. Add UV for germ & bacteria protection. Great for anywhere there is smoking.

A commercial quality Cigarette Smoke Air purifier for smoke and Cigar Air Purifier. The Best Air Purifiers for smokers in this class. A smoke air cleaner for cigar shops, smoking rooms, smoking lounges, in your house or anywhere there is smoking areas indoors.

The Allerair AirMedic Pro 6 DS & DSX (Formerly 6000 DS & DX),  is made for larger and higher traffic smoking area to handle the hazardous chemicals and biproducts generated by tobacco second hand smoke.  These units are designed and built by Allerair, the undeniable leader in specialized air quality situations.  They are far and away the top leaders in the second smoke air purifiers in the market to take care of these dangerous biproducts from second hand smoke.

The Airmedic Pro 6 is fully equipped with:

  • A special tar pre-filter to quickly eliminate the second hand smoke dangerous biproducts in the air that you are breathing.  
  • Then the air is passed a super micro HEPA filter to effectively clear out 99% of the air particles, mold spores, germs, etc to a .1 micron in size. 
  • The air is passed over charcoal to absorb fumes, odor, and gases in the air next.
    • Pro 6 DS model - 3 inches and  28 pounds of charcoal
    • Pro 6 DXS - An extra deep 3.5 inches and 36 pounds of carbon
    • More Carbon is always better is the general rule
  • Add an optional UV to completely eliminate/kill any of the germs and bacteria left before release back into the room.

All to completely clean up the air and allow you to breath safe clean air. 

This is amazing product that you can set up in any place there is cigarette, cigar, pipe smoke to quickly clean up the environment.  You can use it in airport smoking lounges, cigar smoking lounges, cigarette smoking lounges, restaurants, bars, home, or anywhere there is smoking of any kind. What else would you expect from a titan in the air purification business. Commercial level effectiveness available for both home and business use.  Use it wherever you need it. The Aimedic Pro 6 from this industry leader is ready to deliver clear air for you at a great price.

Buy this high performance smoke air purifier today so you can breathe safe clean air that you, your employees, or your customers deserve, in your home, the office, or at the shop.


1 – AirMedic Pro 6 DS or DSX Unit
1 – AirMedic Pro 6 DS or DSX Unit Owner’s Manual
1 of each AirMedic Pro 6 DS or DSX Filters required

Allerair Model Sizing Guide

allerair air purifier model sizing guide

Additional Information

Product Specification
   Filtration System Activated carbon filter, Pro 6 DS model 3" depth, Pro 6 DXS 3.5" depth, micro-HEPA wrap rated at 99% efficient at 0.1 microns, Tar-trapping pre-filter
   Carbon Weight Pro 6 DS Model 28 lbs., Pro 6 DXS Model 36 lbs
   Surface Area of Carbon 
3000 acres
   Surface Area of HEPA 
   Micro-HEPA Material rated at 99% efficient at 0.1 microns
   CFM 400
   Speed 3-speed
   UV Lamp Available
   Available Colors Black, Sandstone, White, Pewter, Red, Copper, Silver
   Voltage 115/60Hz or 230/50Hz
   Amps (115V/230V) 1.3/0.5
   Cord Length 8 feet
   Noise Level 50-75 dB
   Maneuverability 4 x 2" wheels
   Filter Access Pre-filter bottom no tools, Main filters bottom with screws
   Motor Details Motor with a blower wheel
   Dimensions 20.5" (height) x 15" (diameter)
   Shipping Weight Approx. 55 lbs. 2 Boxes
   Operating Weight 43 lbs.
   Number of Units per Pallet Multiple
   CSA/UL Yes

Vacuum Type Air Purifier
Manufacturer ALLERAIR
Price $990.00

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