Allerair AirMed 1 Vocarb VOC Room Air Purifier 400 sq ft

AllerairAirMed 1
Buy Allerair VOC Removal Compact Air Cleaning purifier from Acevacuums:
A powerful and stylish compact air purifier for localized VOC, chemical, odor and particle removal. It features our special "Vocarb" blend of carbon which is excellent for volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde removal. Ideal for use as a desktop purifier, for travel or for smaller rooms and offices.

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Buy the best light weight portable air purifier Allerair from Acevacuums and save big. 

  • Part Name Part Number Price
    Pre-Filters (4 Pack) A3FMP009 - 4 $39.98 USD
    Pre-Filters (8 Pack) A3FMP009 - 8 $65.98 USD
    Super Hepa Filter AirMed1  9"x30" A3FSH930 $105.98 USD
    Carbon A3FCW303 $131.98 USD
    UV Replacement Lamps 5W A3EL9010-5W $52.98 USD

Great bedroom air purifier. Portable air purifier. Carbon air purifier VOC air cleaner. Travel air purifier. Desk air purifier. Household chemical air purifier.

Allerair is hands down the leader in the industry for offering such a wide range of solutions to residential and commercial air quality issues.  Their advanced designed products are made to handle home air cleaning, targeted allergy situations, specialty situations or  industrial/commercial situations. They cover all the situations.

This Allerair Airmed 1 Vocarb Carbon Blend is designed to handle chemical and VOC situations in a smaller room size to 400 sq. ft. It is compact/lightweight yet powerful portable air purifier. The market leader in chemical and VOC air clean up has  brought portable air filtration systems to you for you to take with you to use where you need it. It is specially designed so that you can easily pick it up and take with you to use as a portable air purifier. Use it in hotel rooms, bedrooms, please on desktop at the office, counter tops in the kitchen area, or on any table.  Made for smaller office areas given you quick clean air. Take of that musty utility rooms or any other smaller area.  Get rid of the VOC and chemicals in smaller areas quick to give you the needed relief and clean air you deserve no matter where you are. This package comes with a prefilter, a super grade HEPA filter and a  deep 1 inch carbon base.  To get rid of any really small bacteria or germs add the UV option.

This all means for you that you can expect to quickly eliminate VOC and regular chemicals along with the other air issues like odors, gas, fumes, asthma/allergy sources, mold, and bacteria, pet dander that are causing your breathing issues. You can clean up the air easily with a name brand that is known for delivering for heavy duty industry and specialty medical needs.

You have an excellent array of choices to deal with your needs:


  • Base – Seven (7) pounds of powerful activated carbon
  • Supreme – Ten (10) pounds of activated carbon for extra powerful cleanup. More is always better with carbon.

Carbon Blend Types

  • Vocarb – The blend to use for extra heavy clean up of chemicals & VOC’s that are found in your carpets, drapes, sofas, and building materials, glues and other adhesives just to name a few sources.
  • Exec – The blend that set the standards in the industry for chemical, odor, gas, fume, allergens, etc clean up that is the leader in the industry. Perfect for allergies & asthma wth the super HEPA included.

Ultraviolet (UV)

  • A great addition that provides extra protection to quickly eliminate germs, bacteria, & mold to name a few. It kills these germs as they pass over the filtering systems so they are not re-released in the air.  How’s that for healthy?

Additional Information

Product Specification
   Filtration System Activated carbon filter, 1" depth, Super HEPA, pre-filter
   Carbon Weight 7 lbs.
   Surface Area of Carbon 
875 acres
   Super HEPA Removes 99.99% of all airborne particles 0.1 microns in size
   CFM 100
   Speed Variable
   UV Lamp Available
   Available Colors White
   Voltage 115/60Hz only
   Amps (115V/230V) 0.3
   Cord Length 6 feet
   Noise Level 40-60 dB
   Maneuverability Lightweight and portable with handle
   Filter Access Bottom screws
   Motor Details Motorized Impeller
   Dimensions 16" (height) x 11" (diameter)
   Shipping Weight Approx. 17 lbs.
   Operating Weight 14 lbs.
   Number of Units per Pallet Multiple
   CSA/UL Yes
Vacuum Type Air Purifier
Manufacturer ALLERAIR
Price $424.98
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