Blueair 400 Series SmokeStop Filter

Blueair 400 Series SmokeStop Filter
Put a stop to odor, tobacco smoke, and nasty VOCs instantly with the 400 Series SmokeStop Filter, made to fit our 402, 403, 410, 450E, 455EB units.

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Eliminate smoke and odors.

The SmokeStop™ is specifically designed for environments with heavy gaseous pollutants, such as smoke, odors, and harmful VOCs.

Approximately 2 - 4 lbs of activated carbon, formulated with magnesium dioxide and copper oxide, work in the form of hundreds of pellets to trap dangerous chemicals and annoying odors.
Gradient filter structure.
Gradient filter structure.

Traps particles for good.

The gradient filter structure resembles many filters in one, trapping particles of all sizes while maintaining maximum airflow. The progressive structure resists clogging and won't re-release particles back into the air, even when the filter is heavily loaded.
Filters - Naturally Antibacterial.

Naturally Antibacterial.

The naturally antibacterial polypropylene fibers in our filters prevent bacteria and mold growth, so you’ll never add harmful particles back into the air.

Filters - Environmentally Friendly.

Environmentally friendly.

Our less dense filter design mean lower air pressure, requiring less energy consumption. Our filters are also 100% recyclable, so the only thing you’re adding back into the environment is clean air.
Fiber shedding resistant.

Anti-shedding and chemical free.

Our fiber media is free of chemicals and binders and ultrasonically bonded to prevent new particles from being added to your environment.
Less dense filter media.
Less dense filter media.

Whisper silent.

Due to the use of both electrostatic and mechanical filtration, our filters are able to benefit from lower density filter media. Less density allows lower air pressure, so you get high performance with a whisper silent delivery.
Ion chamber.
Ion chamber.

Electrostatic cling.

Airborne particles pass through an ion chamber to get electrically charged before passing through the gradient structure of our filters. The charge causes the polluted particles to effortlessly adhere to the filter media, capturing even fine particles such as tobacco smoke.

1. Which units use the 400 Series SmokeStop Filter?
     The 400 Series SmokeStop Filter is designed to fit the 402, 403, 410, 450E, and 455EB.

2. How often should I change the filter in my Blueair unit?
     The filter should be changed every six months, or 188 days, to keep your Blueair unit working at its highest efficiency. In ECO10 units, the filter should be changed once a year. 

3. How do I know when I need to change the filter in my manual unit?
     Your magnetic filter timer will keep track of when your filter needs to be changed; its LED light will flash to notify you every six months or 188 days.

4.  How do I know when I need to change the filter in my electronic unit?
      The filter timer built into your electronic unit will flash an LED light to indicate when it needs to be changed.

5. How do I reset the filter replacement indicator for my manual unit? 
     To reset the magnetic filter timer, press and hold the “RESET” button for 10 second. The filter change indicator light will turn off and the counter will begin its countdown to the next filter change(188 days). To temporarily stop the filter indicator light for five days, press the “SNOOZE” button.

6. How do I reset the filter timer on my Electronic unit?
    To reset the filter replacement indicator on an ‘E’ series unit, press and hold the “TIMER” button for 5 seconds. The filter change indicator light will turn off and the counter will begin its countdown to the next filter change(188 days).

7.  Can Blueair purifiers remove smoke and harmful gases? 
     Yes. Our SmokeStop™ filters are specifically designed for environments with tobacco smoke, auto exhaust, chemical fumes, odors, and harmful VOCs.  We use 2 - 4 lbs of coconut-shell activated carbon, formulated with a unique blend of Potassium Hydroxide and Potassium Iodide, to trap gases and fumes and remove them from your air. 

8. How do I change my 400 series filter?
    To change the filter in your 400 series unit, open up the front door of the unit with the Blueair logo on it. You will find the filter placed sideways inside the unit. Slide out the old filter and replace it with the new one. The new filter should be facing you, so that you can read “This side must face front”. Make sure the door is securely closer, or else the unit will not start.

Additional Information

Product Specification
Dimensions 21 x 10 x 3.8 in. 
Weight 4.08 lbs

Filter type

Gradient structured filter with thermally bonded fibers containing polypropylene and polyethylene free of chemicals and binders. Naturally anti-bacterial. Fiber shedding resistant.
Pleats 102
Effective filter area 38.2 ft2
Basis weight 1.91 oz/yd2
Media thickness 0.028 in.
Carbon Activated carbon with magnesium dioxide and copper oxide impregnation.
Carbon weight 2.21 lbs
Minimum surface area 950 m2/g
Pleat seperators Non hazardous, EVA based, VOC free, UV resistant
HEPASilent technology Certified effeciency 99.97% for particles down to 0.1 micron such as dust pollen, bacteria, virus, pet dander, mold spores and other airborne particles.
SmokeStopTM SmokeStop removes gaseous pollutants such as tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, ethylene oxide, ozone and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) including household paints and other chemicals.
Recommended filter change 6 months (4,380 hours) when used 24 hours a day
UPC 689122000145
Vacuum Type No
Manufacturer No
Price $149.99

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