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central vacuum device is a cleaning system that is installed throughout a building, with a canister that receives dust and debris.  Usually, located in the garage or basement the canister sucks by the force of a motor from wall outlets, which are located throughout the home for the homeowner’s convenience.  Central vacuums are not new inventions, as the idea dates back as far as the 1850s in Sweden, where horse-powered fans were used to create suction through in-wall plumbing.  Soon after, when portable vacuum cleaners became popular, central vacuum systems fell out of use in the U.S. due to their relative expense. 

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  • Central Vacuum frequently asked questions.

    What are the benefits of a central vacuum?
    A: The first and foremost, the Ease of Use: There are no portable vacuum like canister or heavy upright vacuum to carry up and down the stairs. No need to find an electrical outlet every 6 feet. This saves you time and energy while cleaning and helps you to enjoy an easier cleaning experience. Perhaps one of the best advantages of using centralvac system in your home is that these centralvac systems are completely customizable. Whether you have heavy carpeting in your home or mainly hard flooring, there are tools and attachments available to cater to your unique cleaning needs. A central vacuum provides up to four times more cleaning power by using heavy-duty, stronger motors producing more powerful, deeper cleaning. It is quieter, though it has a powerful motor, most of the noise, is usually in the garage or some other out of the way place. Cleaner Interior Environment: dust, dirt, dog & cat hair/dander and allergens are taken out of the inside living space. This is a huge benefit to allergy sufferers. 
    Return on Investment for the home or business: It adds value to your home by $10 to15K.

    Does Acevacuums CentralVac consultants sell, service and repair all central vacuums?
    A: We, Acevacuums central vacuum consultants provide repair services, parts and accessories for all central vacuum brands. We sell one of the leading manufacturers of central vacuums like NuTone Central Vacuum, MD Central vacuum, Riccar central vacuum, Cyclovac central vacuum, Beam central vacuum, Cana-Vac central vacuum, Vacu-Flo central vacuum and many more. Call our free tech support line at 703 997 9292 X 1 or 703 997 9292 X 1 so we can assist you with your custom solution.

    Does the vacuum's suction depend on how far away it is from the unit?
    A: The central vacuum suction does not depend on how far away it is from the unit. The motors in a central vacuum are larger and more powerful so it will maintain the suction and air flow through out the home.  

    Why should I install a central vacuum?
    A: A central vacuum can reduce the burden of carrying a portable vacuum and it greatly reduces dust particles and allergens that make it through the filters of portable vacuum. This is particularly true with the great majority of vacuums sold today, bagless vacuum cleaners. Additionally, it is much quieter, versatile, and cost effective. According to the EPA, indoor air levels of many pollutants may be 4-5 times higher than outdoor levels. A central vacuum removes nearly all contacted pollutants and helps you breathe better.

    Which is better, a central vacuum with a disposable bag or bagless system?
    A: Both systems are efficient but over the long term, there are several advantages to bagged systems. Not only are they are easier and less dusty to maintain, they protect the motor from dust, carpet fibers and pet hair that can clog motor fans. By protecting the motor, you'll enjoy many more years of stronger suction and extended motor life.

    Am I the right candidate to have a central vacuum if I only have hardwoods and tile in my home?
    A. Yes, A central vacuum system will have a hardwood and tile floor attachment tool. You can conveniently use the central vacuum on any surfaces be it tile, hard wood or carpets. Your home will have a clean air, because all the dust and dirt are being pulled out of the home.

  • What about clogs or possible loss of suction?

    A: These are rare, but toys or other items do get sucked in occasionally and we can advise you on the phone what to do or if a service call if necessary. One of the more common problems is related to installations that are done by businesses that don't specialize in central vacuums and may simply do a shoddy installation. We have found this to be the case on many occasions. Call our free tech support line at 703 997 9292 X 1 or 703 273 6688 so we can assist you with your custom solution.

    Can you install a central vacuum in an existing home?
    Yes you can install a new central vacuum system in an existing home. Call our free tech support line at 703 997 9292 X 1 so we can assist you with your custom solution.

    Do you sell replacement bags, hoses or parts.
    A: At, Acevacuums we have a large inventory of filters, bags, hoses and attachments plus other parts. Visit or call us for details and deals.

    How many wall inlet valves should I have installed?
    A: Typically one hose inlet valve should be installed for every 700 square feet of a home. A centrally located inlet valve with a 50 foot expanding hose can often cover an entire 2000 square foot home. For example, a central vacuum with a Hide A Hose can easily be used to pull the hose from the wall unit at a convenient height and taken to the area needing cleaning.

    Does Acevacuums install whole house air filtration systems?
    A: At, Acevacuums, we sell and install the world's best whole house air filteration system made by IQAir Perfect 16. These are made in Switzerland and recommanded by American Lung Association. In fact, the IQ Air Perfect 16 guarantees a 90% reduction in indoor air pollution. IQAir Perfect 16 Whole House Air Purifiers. The Perfect 16 Whole House Air Purifier uses Micro filtration and has a MERV 16 filtration rating. The Perfect 16 purifiers are ducted air purification systems It has four HEPA filters which only have to be changed every three years



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