Dyson Multi-angle brush

Dyson Multi angel brush 917646-01

Dyson Multi-Angle Brush: Clean hard-to-reach surfaces with a multi-angle brush that twists and locks in different positions for the best reach. Compatible with all Dyson Uprights and Canister Vacuum.


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The Dyson Multi-angle brush twists to give multiple angles to remove dust, dirt and allergens from hard to reach surfaces such as cupboard tops, doorframes and lampshades. It attaches to the wand or hose of your Dyson vacuum cleaner.
Fine nylon bristles gently remove dust from areas that would be awkward to clean with a Soft dusting brush. The rotating joints click-lock into different positions. The smooth internal profile with no large changes in cross-sectional area ensures constant airflow velocity- so maximum suction power is directed to the brush.
Compatible with all Dyson Uprights and Canister Vacuum.


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Product Specification

Removes dust, dirt and allergens from hard-to-reach areas

Multi-angle brush twists to reach ceiling fans, door frames, lampshades, cupboard tops and other areas that are difficult to clean.

Fine nylon bristles for gentle scrubbing

Angled brush loosens stubborn dirt and gently removes dust from multiple surface types.

Compatible with all Dyson vacuums

Attaches to all Dyson models, including upright, canister and cordless vacuums.

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