IQAir HyperHEPA Filter (H12/13)


The IQAir HealthPro HyperHEPA replacement filters for the entire IQAir HealthPro air purifier series including the HealthPro, HealthPro Plus and HealthPro Compact. This is filter #3 as indicated on your HealthPro air purifier and Filter #102-14-14-00. The HyperHEPA filter captures fine and ultra-fine particulate matter with an efficiency greater than 99.97% at 0.3 micron and larger (EN 1822 class H12/13). Average filter life is 4 years.


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This cleanroom grade hyperhepa filter is the main particle filter that is designed to fit your IQAir HealthPro, HealthPro Plus, and HealthPro Compact. Through a tightly woven nano-fiber structure this medical-grade ultra-fine particle filter captures the smallest amounts (0.003 microns) of airborne allergens and pollutants found in your home or work place. The hyperhepa filter eliminates such things as bacteria, viruses, pet dander, mold, dust mites, combustion particles from cleaners and chemical, and smoke. Guaranteeing the cleanest, freshest air possible in your home experiencing better breathing and better health. 

Bases on 8 hours usage per day on speed setting of 3 this filters is designed to last for 2-4 yrs.

  • Captures 99.5% of viruses,bacteria,pet allergens,mold spores,dust and pollen
  • Medical Grade Filtration
  • Advanced Gas & Odor Control
  • 100% Sealed Filtration
  • Certified Ozone-Free by IAACM (International Association of Air Cleaner Manufactures)
  • Low Maintenance Requirements

  • 53 sq. ft (5m2) surface area
  • Wet laid glass microfiber media,pleated with solvent free separators
  • Rated filter class H12/13 (EN1822) European Norm

Important Notice: 120V Model

  • This air cleaner is safety tested and approved for the voltage requirements in the U.S., Canada and Mexico only.
  • This air cleaner will be damaged if plugged into a 220-240V outlet.
  • The use of a transformer or adaptor will not prevent the risk of damage.
  • This product has no warranty coverage when used outside North America.

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Manufacturer IQAir
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