NuTone PP500 Combo Kit for Bare Floors


Included in each package is a power unit, a change-out kit to make the transition easy, a high quality microfiber dustmop attachment, and a new set of central vacuum attachments.


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Attachment Set Includes:


The Imperium 30 foot TurboGrip Hose is a lightweight, crushproof hose for your central vacuum system. It includes an off/off switch on the hose. An air-relief valve allows you to reduce suction for cleaning things like blinds, curtains or other applications where you need less suction. It has a 360 degree swivel for ease of use.

A 12 inch Barefloor Brush with Natural Fill is perfect for any hard surface you want to clean. With the larger brush, you can clean more flooring in less time. It is great for tile, marble, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood floors. Even if your floors have deep grout, the brushes on this tool will grab the dirt out of the cracks on every pass. The swivel design allows you to get low, underneath counters and furniture. A central vacuum bare floor tool makes quick work of cleaning because they are light and easy to use. If you have throw rugs, a bare floor tool will also allow you to gently clean them without worrying about sucking them up.


A 10 inch Barefloor Brush with Natural Fill is perfect for any hard surface you want to clean. With the smaller brush, you can clean in tighter spaces than with the 12" floor brush. It has all the same features as the 12" floor brush but smaller for those jobs that require the smaller brush or just choose to store the two floor brushes in two different locations in your home.


A Rug Tool is perfect for removing surface dirt from carpeting and rugs. This product is ideal for extremely low pile carpeting or for quick pick-ups. Central vacuum carpet tools usually have a short set of bristles for lightly brushing the carpet as you vacuum. However, we highly recommend that you clean carpeting with a powerhead or upright vacuum cleaner. This tool is suitable for just surface cleaning of carpeting.


A Telescoping Wand is included for use with the floor brush, rug tool, and other attachments. However, some people want more wands. You may want to consider purchasing extra wands. Often customers like to keep an extra set of wands and a bare floor brush in their garage, utility closet, or kitchen pantry. This allows them to just pull out their hose and they are ready to clean in the garage, bathroom, upstairs, or wherever. In addition, an extra set of wands allows you to extend your cleaning capability beyond the length of two wands (traditionally 42”). If you have high ceilings or ceiling fans, an extra set of extension wands can really be handy for getting those hard to reach areas.


The Premium Dusting Brush has natural 1 1/2 inch bristles. A small tool with full bristles, the dusting brush has traditionally been used for dusting furniture, baseboards, lamps, and lamp shades. You can go even further with a good dusting brush and take your cleaning to a new level. A central vacuum system with a good dusting brush is ideal for cleaning screens, air conditioning vents, refrigerator coils, permanent air filters, ceiling fans, blinds, window frames, crown molding, and light fixtures.


An Upholstery Tool is a standard cleaning accessory found in this central vacuum attachment set. The standard upholstery tool usually includes an elongated tool with or without short bristles. The central vacuum upholstery tool is designed for cleaning furniture and car upholstery. Most upholstery tools are constructed of a heavy duty plastic. There are, however, a wide variety of upholstery tools designed for a wide variety of cleaning applications. If you are looking for a deeper cleaning tool for your upholstery, consider a Imperium RugRat hand held power brush.


A Premium Crevice Tool is ideal for cleaning hard to access…well, crevices. These tools are thin and narrow and allow you to get into small areas with your central vacuum system. The crevice tool included with this kit is 13 inches long. But crevice tools come in a variety of lengths…anywhere from 4” all the way up to 36”. The longer crevice tools are perfect for getting under your refrigerator or very low furniture. The flexible crevice tool is perfect for cleaning the lint trap on your clothes dryer. If you want to look at the different crevice tools we carry, click here.


A Hose Hanger allows you to store your hose in a coiled up fashion to avoid kinks getting in the hose. It is easily mounted on the door of a closet or on any wall.


A Black Tool Bag is included. Store all your tools in one convenient bag with pockets. Carry it with you as you clean so your tools are easily accessible or hang it in a closet to store your tools when not in use.

Additional Information

Product Specification

Power Unit Specifications:

  • Square Footage - 4000
  • Bag Filtration
  • Water Lift - 120"
  • Air Watts - 500
  • Recommended Circuit Amps - 20
  • Voltage - 120
  • Venting Option - Yes
  • Dirt Capacity - 6 Gallons
  • Dimensions- 15-5/8" D x 13-1/4" W x 29-3/4" H
  • Rigid construction and vibration dampening mounting bracket
Vacuum Type Shampooer/Steamer
Manufacturer No
Price $849.00
Call 703 997 9292 X 1 for free installation details.

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