Central Vacuum Turbocat Premium Kit

Turbocat Central Vacuum Premium Kit

Turbocat Central Vacuum Premium Attachment Kit  Air-Powered Carpet Grooming Performance. Enjoy a groomed carpet without the expense of an electric power brush kit. Let the air from your vacuum system do the work by transferring energy to Turbocat's air turbine, belt, and roller brush, and then watch as hair and embedded dirt vanish away. The Central Vacuum Turbocat Kit features: Lightweight Vacuum, Powerful Grooming Action, Cogged Belt, Tufted Bristles, Accessories and Storage Tools.


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Turbocat Central Vacuum Premium Attachment Kit. 

The Turbocat Kit is guaranteed to fit all systems without retrofitting. This means central vacuums not equipped with a rotating vacuum cleaner can now have one

Turbocat Central Vacuum Premium Attachment Kit  Air-Powered Carpet Grooming PerformanceEnjoy a groomed carpet without the expense of an electric power brush kit. Let the air from your vacuum system do the work by transferring energy to Turbocat's air turbine, belt, and roller brush, and then watch as hair and embedded dirt vanish away. The Central Vacuum Turbocat Kit features: Lightweight Vacuum, Powerful Grooming Action, Cogged Belt, Tufted Bristles, Accessories and Storage Tools.

The Amazing Turbocat

Included in Deluxe & Premium Kits

Turbocat is the embodiment of non-electric turbine power brushes that require no power cords, batteries or electricity. Virtually hundreds of thousands of homeowers groom their carpets with the Turbocat power brush. It is simple to use, and the brush, when bought alone, fits all systems and hoses. However, we recommend that customers purchase the complete hose and tool kit. Both are available here. Turbocat Turbine Vacuum is a replacement for all colors of Turbocat, Turbocat II, Turbocat Plus, TL2000, T210, Ultra TP210 Turbine PowerHead 7160, 7161, and 7210 (and any other combination of these names).

Air Powered Perfection

There's power, and then there's turbine power. The Turbocat Vacuum's powerful suction from the vacuum unit in the basement or garage reaches down to the carpet to extract embedded dirt, debris, and allergens. The turbine is connected to a cogged belt that grips the center of the roller brush, increasing the brush rotation as fast as the vacuum suction allows. How do you know the Turbocat is working? Listen to the sound of the whining turbine. You know you are getting the best the Turbocat can offer.

Easy Release Wand

Hard-to-reach edges or corners require cleaning, but bending down to disconnect the wand from the power head can cause even the most meticulous homeowner to skip those areas. Turbocat's easy-release foot lever saves your back by allowing you to instantly disconnect the wand from the power head to spot clean those hard-to-reach areas. Now you can have a cleaner home while saving your back.

TurboFlex Agitator

The Turboflex® Agitator beats the carpet and scoops up deeply embedded dirt. The turbine energy is channeled through a cogged drive belt. This specially designed cogged belt reduces slippage, resulting in reliable performance and a longer life. The Turbocat brush itself comes with a 3-Year Limited Warranty, and the rest of the kit has a 2-Year Warranty.

Low Voltage Hose - Supplying Suction

Included in Deluxe & Premium Kits

  • Ergonomic Pistol Style Handle
  • Available in 30- and 35-foot Lengths
  • 2-way Switch Controls Suction
  • 27% More Air Flow Over Older Hoses
  • Crushproof, Pliable Hose Protects Home
  • 360-Degree Swivel Prevents Kinking
  • Lightweight, Easy to Store
  • 2-Year Warranty

Durable Resilient Hose

The most abused part of any central vacuum is the hose. It gets pulled, stretched, dropped, squashed, slammed, and hung in a closet. Facing this roughness, why settle for a generic hose? The Turbocat Kit includes the MD Low Voltage Hose, the best hose in the industry for its durability and performance. It has a comfortable pistol grip handle, two-way switch, 27 percent more airflow than older hoses, is crushproof, light, and swivels 360 degrees.

Lightweight & Easy to Store

You have to feel this to believe it, but the Turbocat Vacuum Hose is amazingly lightweight for its size. In use, it moves freely without much pull at all. After using it, simply make four or five loops and set it into the included hose hanger. The hose is available in 30- and 35-feet. We recommend using the shorter length, but if you need the longer hose have no worries, there is no suction loss and it is just as manageable.

We also recommend a hose sock to protect your baseboards and furniture as the hose passes by them. Besides providing protection, the hose sock also allows the hose to slide across all floor types with less effort. There is plenty of room on the hose hanger for the hose with the sock installed.

Axis Agility

Included in Premium Kit

The 13-inch-wide Axis Floor Brush is an outstanding tool for hard floors including all wood, tile, cement, and more. The amazing swivel capabilities of Axis makes cleaning fun. There are so many angles you can instantly use to quickly and comfortably vacuum large areas and narrow retreats. The Axis remains flush with the floor no matter how you turn it! The castle-cut brushes in the front and rear allow dirt to be vacuumed while pushing forward AND backward. We guarantee you'll find cleaning time reduced while covering more area.

RugRat Mini Turbine Vacuum

Included in Premium Kit

RugRat is a mini 5-1/2 inch wide vacuum cleaner that works the same way as the Turbocat, by means of an air turbine, cogged belt, and rotating beater brush. RugRat is ideal for cleaning carpeted stairs, upholstered furniture, and vehicle interiors. RugRat has plenty of torque and won't stall under load. It is small, lightweight, easy to use, and the results are amazing. It's the perfect complement to any central vacuum.


Upholstery Tool with Removable Brush

Included in Deluxe & Premium Kits

This handy 6-inch tool is convenient for gentle or deep cleaning of sofas, chairs, drapes, tracks, cabinets, car interiors, narrow floor areas, and much more. It has dual surfaces for different cleaning needs. The detachable brush strip attaches and detaches as desired. Simply slide the brush section on for one type of cleaning or take it off for another.

Oval Dusting Brush

Included in Premium Kit

Redefine dusting by not only picking up dust, but also whisking it away into the vacuum, not allowing it to float in the air and resettle. Plus, this brush is the tool for all those hard-to-dust areas such as blinds, sills, fans, keyboards, door jams, and screens. The Deluxe Dusting Brush makes quick work of them all with its durable horse hair and synthetic mixed bristles.

Crevice Tool

Included in Deluxe & Premium Kits

Sofa cushion crumbs, hard-to-reach narrow spots, carpet-furniture borders, and dusty refrigerator coils all need the attention of the narrow, suction-focused Crevice Tool. If the suction at the end is too much, open the air relief valve on the hose handle. The Crevice Tool's attention to detail always makes for a more satisfyingly clean home.


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